Why Choose Us

We are a modern, safari-themed office that specializes in providing the highest quality dental experience to children. We believe that if children have positive dental experiences at a young age, they will continue to seek preventive dental care as adults without fear. Fear is the number one reason adults don’t seek regular dental care. This usually leads to untreated problems that ultimately become more painful and expensive to deal with in the end. It’s our goal at Safari Smiles to prevent this fear from every occurring by focusing on making your child’s overall experience a positive one!

We allow parents to accompany their child chairside during their appointments.

We offer cosmetic (white) fillings when appropriate

We offer sedation services to help relax the highly anxious or fearful child

We have HDTVs above each dental chair for the kids to enjoy during their visit

Everyone in our office has children of their own and we strive to treat our patients as we would our own children.